New Club Location Policy 2015


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Karate Wales Ltd. understands and agrees that associations and their instructors may wish to develop their group by starting up new clubs.

Karate Wales Ltd. has developed this policy to prevent the intrusion, disrespect and conflict that could arise between KW members. 

The opening of a new club within certain locations of existing KW member clubs must comply with this policy.

Therefore these guidelines must be adhered to.


1. No affiliated association coach/instructor can open a new club in the same premises on the same day where an affiliated members club exists.

2. Should an association/club which affiliates to KW and has a club which trains in the same premises as an existing KW members club:-

  • The longest established club in those premises will have priority.
  • KW will expect the other club to seek other premises or change its training day.


3. These rules must be complied with.  However, if the original established association/club in that venue agrees then that club or new club can continue to exist in those premises.  A letter of agreement must be obtained and signed by those concerned. Each party should keep a copy and send a copy to the KW secretary.

Should an issue occur at a later date after agreement between the clubs, KW can be approached to deal with the issue.  KW will delegate an independent committee to resolve the problem.  Once this committee has deliberated after look at all the evidence its decision will be final and must be complied with.  Failing to comply, discipline procedures will be taken against the offending party.   


This policy is very fair.

It allows a clubs to be in the same venue but train on different days.



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