Karate Wales draw the curtain on 2013 in Dominant Form


A Karate Wales Squad attended the last major competition of the year, the WKU Invitational in Weston Super Mare on November 24th, and took the event by storm!

Only three clubs from Karate Wales attended; Vale Karate, Ken Bu Kan and Kansei and yet accumulated no fewer than twelve gold, six silver and thirteen bronze medals! 
The Kata events which took place first certainly went Wales' way.
Both the 10-12 years and 13-15 years mixed Kata events for 5-4th Kyu went to Karate Wales with the Ken Bu Kan duo of Shauna Hayden and Sam Cana cleaning up! 
All three Girls Brown Belt Kata events; the Under 10's, 10-12 years and 13-15 years, were also won by Karate Wales with Chiara Baker, Danica Apologista and Emma Squire all from Vale Karate earning the gold medals.
The success in kata didn't finish there as Charlotte York of Kansei took gold in the all ages to 15 Black Belt event, Kansei won the Junior Team kata category and Heidi Christoforato of Vale Karate and Andrew Kanias of Kansei sealed the Female and Male Veteran's kata double!
Harrison Williams of Vale and Nathan Davies of Ken Bu Kan have been in dominant form at their Kumite events at the Welsh Karate league all season and continued that form in Weston with Harrison winning the huge 10-12 years -45 Kgs Boys Kumite event and Nathan taking the gold medal in the 13-15 years -55Kg category.
Karate Wales' final gold medal of the day was won by Leah Copeland (Vale) who won a high quality Ladies U-60Kg Kumite final narrowly beating the excellent Amy Nicholas from the Welsh Bushi-Kai. 
Leah had earlier teamed up with Amy and her formidable Bushi-Kai team-mate Holly Carey to win the Ladies team event.
Full Karate Wales Results:
J13 Kata Mixed Teams All Ages to 15 All Grades: Kansei 1st
J31 Kumite Boys 10-12yrs - 4 Kyu+  U45k: Harrison Williams (Vale) 1st
J07 Kata Mixed 10-12yrs -5 & 4 Kyu: Shauna Hayden (Ken Bu Kan) 1st
J10 Kata Mixed 13-15yrs -5 & 4 Kyu: Sam Cana (Ken Bu Kan) 1st
J39 Kumite Boys 13-15yrs - 4 Kyu+  U55k: Nathan Davies (Ken Bu Kan) 1st
S19 Kumite Female 18+  3 Kyu+  U60k: Leah Copeland (Vale) 1st
S08 Kata Female Veterans 35+  All Grades: Heidi Christoforato (Vale) 1st
J11F Kata Female 13-15yrs -3 to 1 Kyu: Emma Squire (Vale) 1st
J08F Kata Female 10-12yrs -3 to 1 Kyu: Danica Apologista (Vale) 1st
J05 Kata Mixed 8 & 9 yrs - 3 to 1 Kyu: Chiara Baker (Vale) 1st
J12F Kata Female All Ages to 15 -Black Belt: Charlotte York (Kansei) 1st
S07 Kata Male Veterans 35+  All Grades: Andrew Kanias (Kansei) 1st
J12M Kata Male All Ages to 15 -Black Belt: Nathan Davies (Ken Bu Kan) 2nd
J07 Kata Mixed 10-12yrs -5 & 4 Kyu: Josh Davies (Ken Bu Kan) 2nd
J06 Kata Mixed 10-12yrs -Up to 6 Kyu: Harvey Stacey (Ken Bu Kan) 2nd
J08M Kata Male 10-12yrs -3 to 1 Kyu: Daniel Page (Kansei) 2nd
J22 Kumite Girls 8&9yrs - 5 Kyu +: Chiara Baker (Vale) 2nd
S05 Kata Male 16+  Black Belt: Andrew Kanias (Kansei) 2nd
J14 Kata Mixed Pairs All Ages to 15 All Grades: Kloe & Emma (Vale) 3rd
J14 Kata Mixed Pairs All Ages to 15 All Grades: Chiara & Danica (Vale) 3rd
J12M Kata Male All Ages to 15 -Black Belt: Harrison Williams (Vale) 3rd
J28 Kumite Girls 10-12yrs - 4 Kyu+  40k+: Shauna Hayden (Ken Bu Kan) 3rd
J08F Kata Female 10-12yrs -3 to 1 Kyu: Lucy Kanias (Kansei) 3rd
J21 Kumite Girls 8&9yrs - Up to 6 Kyu: Leigha Goddard (Vale) 3rd
J12F Kata Female All Ages to 15 -Black Belt: Kloe Christoforato (Vale) 3rd
J11F Kata Female 13-15yrs -3 to 1 Kyu: Katherine Collis (Kansei) 3rd
J31 Kumite Boys 10-12yrs - 4 Kyu+  U45k: Josh Dwyer (Vale) 3rd
J31 Kumite Boys 10-12yrs - 4 Kyu+  U45k: Jacob Denham (Ken Bu Kan) 3rd
J29 Kumite Boys 10-12yrs - Up to 5 Kyu  U45k: Harvey Stacey (Ken Bu Kan) 3rd
J24 Kumite Boys 8&9yrs - 5 Kyu +: Finnian O'Donovan (Vale) 3rd
J06 Kata Mixed 10-12yrs -Up to 6 Kyu: Annabel Stacey (Ken Bu Kan) 3rd



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