2017 Karate Wales Open Results

2017 Karate Wales Open Results

The 2017 Karate Wales Open held in Merthyr on 25th June was the biggest and widely praised as the best Karate Wales tournament yet.
600 entries from 32 Clubs and associations from all over Wales, England and Ireland delivered Karate of an high standard and although it was an extremely busy competition, the exceptional organisation meant all was done and dusted by 6pm.
Congratulations to all who took part and in particular those who earned medals including the new Karate Wales champions. Also many thanks to the organisers, the officials including referees, judges and table officials who kept the six areas in constant use and also thanks to the many volunteers who helped things run smoothly.
A great day that delivered a huge amount of positive feedback, several witnesses called it the best Karate Tournament they’ve witnessed. High praise indeed!



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