Congratulations to everyone who passed the Karate Wales Referee Course


Karate Wales' First Development Course for competition officials

Karate Wales held its first "competition officials development course" for Referees, Judges & Time/score keepers over the weekend of the 11 and 12 May 2013.

The course and the assessment was ably led by the world renowned referee Sensei Terry Pottage.

Sensei Pottage is a former EKGB and English Karate Federation Chief Referee, Commonwealth Chief Referee, a European Karate Federation Referee Commission Member and World Karate Federation Tatami Chief.

He is now a member of the WUKF Referee Commission.

The course was attended by about 30 keen karateka, all eager to develop their skills in the application of World Union of Karate-Do Federations (WUKF) competition rules. Most were already experienced in using World Karate Federation's (WKF) rules, so the transition was very straight forward.

The Karate Wales competition officials two day course was timed to coincide with the Welsh Karate League's May tournament.

Because of the support of the Welsh Karate League's competitors and coaches, Karate Wales course members were able to practice their officiating skills over a full day of kata and kumite bouts.

Why did Karate Wales run the course?

The reason why Karate Wales and the Welsh Karate League want to use the WUKF rules is because many of the Karate Wales squad have recently competed successfully and won medals in a wider range of competitions across the UK and in Europe.

This is good for these individual karateka and for karate in Wales.

Welsh Karate League's use of WUKF rules will not disadvantage anyone or mean members of associations affiliated to WKF cannot compete in the League.

What it does mean is competitors will build up their experience and confidence in more than one system of judging.

Even though this course was focussed on using the WUKF judging rules, Karate Wales are not affiliated to any world body, nor do they promote any one world body over another.

Together let us promote good karate, and open up access and opportunity for all karateka in Wales.



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