Teams representing Karate Wales at the British International Karate Open (BIKO)

Teams representing Karate Wales at the British International Karate Open (BIKO)

13th September 

·       Teams have been selected from karateka that are available and in attendance

·       Standbys will be involved in supporting the stated team and assist in pre and between rounds drills

·       Karate Wales badges to be worn (speak with your instructor)

·       Ensure you have a hard copy or electronic copy of a valid licence

·       Pending injuries other Karate Wales athletes will be asked to contribute to teams where required

Boys U12

Davies. J

Denham. J

Hole. T

Boys U12

George. J

Harvey. M

Slack. C

Girls U12

Forsyth. E

Stacey. A

Wiley. A

Girls 13/14

Christoforto. K

Hutchinson. T

Squire. E

Hole. B (Standby)

Boys U13/14

Dwyer. J

Harvey. B

Williams. H

Boys U15-17

Cana. S

Davies. N

Hole. N

Francis. C (Standby)




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